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Our must have's! :]

there is certain this you must have in your wardrobe in real-life and in stardoll! This is where you can find them all! for winter and summer i might do certain 'must-haves' but these are just your must have's in general!

  • everyone has to have a pair of plain skinny jeans! (black or navey are the best because they match with everyting!) it's lovely to have bright red jeans! (i have them myself) but navey jeans match with everything! on stardoll I suggest you get stardoll skinny jeans (found in the girl's stardoll shop) :
these jeans match with everything and they are non-ss! they were the very first thing i bought on stardoll and i still wear them now! If you want to be a bit more exiting you could get a pair from miss-sixty.
  • A dressy top and a casual top! you need something to match with your jeans so you should get something dressy (to dress it up) and something casual. 


i picked two tops the same colour (well as close as i could) even though they are similer in colour they're complety different!
  • casual dress. just for going anywhere really! something that you could sort of dress up but aslo be very casual! this is why everyone needs to have  a casual dress, so you can dress it up && down ;]

these two dresses are both casual && can be dress up! the first one is a floral dress by 'OTTO' you can find it by searching under pink dresses. and the second one is by 'principals' 
  • dressy dress! well i suppose it isn't a mayjor must have! (not as much as the casual dress) but it's great to have a beautiful dress. for those really speicial occasions. On stardoll 'perfect day' and 'tingeling' are great shops for these dresses. Remember you can also get a plain type of maxi dress && make it dressy yourself! In 'perfect day' they also do hats and accesories to match the dresses so you don't have to match everything yourself! :] dressy dress:

this dress is found in 'voile' (on the third floor) and i just seached for these shoes that go with it!
  • you also need to have a pair of black high heels. :) black high heels match with everything & are great to have! Our suggegested high heels:
i love these ones! the first pair are found in 'young hollywood' so they are limited. but i love the second pair && i bought them myself! they are found in 'voile'