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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the disney rumour ....

Over the last few days many Stardoll members have been worried about the possibility of Disney buying Stardoll and turning it all 'princessy'. We now know that this is not true.

Firstly, Liisa (the original owner of Paperdoll Heaven/Stardoll) wrote a message in her guestbook on Stardoll saying that it was just a rumour:
Also, Gosia (I_am_collector) received this reply from Stardoll, again saying that it is all fake:

So how did this all start?
In an interview with Liisa written in December (click HERE to read it in full) the interviewer talks about a possibility of Disney being interested in Stardoll. Nothing more.

The original message was first posted in the popular Stardoll club OC (Original Club) by "Anna" (Stardoll name unknown)

I personally believe that "Anna" read this interview with Liisa and took the idea further to make up the prank just to scare people on Stardoll. Many pranks have happened like this and often people fake letters from Stardoll Admin saying the site is closing down, this is obviously untrue.

If Stardoll ever did sell the site to Disney they would not make it all princess themed. After all Disney have a large variety of different characters that they have created. Again this was just another way to freak people out, and it worked.

Now we know this was all just a big prank we can stop worrying about it.
Just forget it ever happened and try to help Stardoll staff by stopping it spreading even further.

thanx to the stardoll insiders for most the information :)


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