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Saturday, March 19, 2011

new ss doll

Elizabeth banks is the new doll out for superstars.
She is an american actress born on February 10th 1974. Her real name is Elizabeth Mitchell and she is best known for her roles in shows such as' scrubs', 'the uninvited', 'definitely,maybe' and 'spiderman. '

She was born in Massachusetts, she also starred in a Nickelodean kids show 'Finders. Keepers'. She change her name to avoid confusion with another famous actress called Elizabeth Mitchell and her film debut was in 'Surrender Dorothy'. Se has starred in so many films and most recently starred in the show '30s Rock'.

She is set to star in 'What was I thinking' later this year, which is a film based on the book.
She has also been in a cartoon show, called 'American Dad". Some of her most well known films have slightly racey names so I haven't written them here, just incase anyone is very young or it is seen as rude^_< 
She is married to producer Max Handelman.

The doll is nice and looks close to how she looks, the clothes she has are ok too, they are mostly the 100 million member clothes.

Did you know who she was? i only recognised her :L Do you like her?

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