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Thursday, March 17, 2011

staint patricks day! ;]

its St Patricks day today! He is the Patron Saint of Ireland and so almost everyone  in Ireland and some of the U.K are off school and work. It is celebrated with many parades and just having a nice day.

Stardoll are giving away a free green hair dye to everyone who enters the St Patricks days contest and if you are from the U.K and Ireland click here to enter- contest link

You may need to make a scenery to enter but you can just put one item on it and save it, before entering the contest. Afterwards if you go to your sceneries you can delete it.

-If you are not from Ireland or the U.K you will need to use a proxy like

slygeek.com/  or .notaxproxy.info

- Type stardoll.com into the server bar.

-Wait for the page to load and paste this link in the proxy bar

-Enter the contest if the scenery loads and if not then you don't have to worry.

-Leave the proxy and go to stardoll as normal.

-In your beauty parlour you should find a bag with the hair dye in it.

I hope you like it, I think I may even use it today to celebrate the holiday .

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