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Sunday, August 21, 2011


 You may have noticed that the 8th HB of August 2011 is out HB Mint Bouquet Purse :)
 It's price is not more than 10 sds  which I t hought resonable for a HB until I noticed something,
I think this may be the only blog to notice this, but when I saw this I thought i recongnised it so I went to my suite and found this:

It hard to see in this small pic, but this is bag was a freebee in the sping surprise thing this year, and it looks nearly the same. The real difference is the legnth of the strap, they are even close in colour!

Well you can the hotbuy in bonjour bizue until the end of this month.

Do you like this hotbuys? Will you buy it now?

xxxkittkatxxx | Saoirse

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