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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Make up tutorial!

Today I'm making a tutorial on Katy Perry!
this is the look im going for:

This is the starting face, the hair is non-ss, the eyes are non-ss and the lips are ss. Make your eyebrowns dark for this makeup tutorial.:

Next you have to add this bright pink to the lips, and over it add a darker one. I have tried alot of these and most of them turn out alike. So just make sure you out the lighter one on first.

Next add volume maskara and then legthning maskara:

You could leave it at that, but i usually add sunny bunny lashes, Black hair dye (just to make it look darker) and some luxe lip gloss to the lips, and this is the final look:

Do you like this tutorial? Would you try it out?

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