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Friday, September 16, 2011

Makeup Tutorial

Well I have posted a tutorial in ages so today I decided to do a Marlin Monroe one! :)
Incase you have no clue who I'm talking about here she is:

I will be doing the one in colour :)

Step one: Make you dolls skintone light and use this hairstyle (its a ss hairstyle but you could substitute it with something else :

Step two: Add a very small bit of red blush to each cheek of your doll, just one stroke either side will do, then add red lip stick and luxe lip gloss over it, it should then look like this:

Step three: Now for the eyes :)
Add some lengthening and Volume maskara, then add a small bit of eyeliner:

Step four: To make the eyes look finished and complete add some coral eye shadow over most the lip of the eye, add some white eyeshadow to the center of the eye and add a small bit of brown eyeliner to the center of the eye :) It should look like this:

Step five: To finish off this tutorial I added a mole above the lips to the right and some bling just like Marlin Monroe :D
It should finally look something like this:

What did you thing off this Tutorial? Do you like It? Would you use it?


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